Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Drawings

These are all the diagrams I have so far, with one more to come for the roof design. I thought these might be useful for people to see; I hadn't ever seen a structural engineer's drawings before this project.

00879 - Sheet - S-010 - GENERAL NOTES.pdf


General Notes

Non project-specific, but provides the 'nailing schedule' and a few other guidelines.

00879 - Sheet - S-100 - FOUNDATION LAYOUTS.pdf


Foundation Layout

Lays out the placement of the screw piles, as well as defining the pile size/type.

00879 - Sheet - S-105 - STEEL SUPPORT STRUCTURE LAYOUT.pdf


Steel Support Structure Layout

Specifies the termination caps for the screw piles, as well as the steel frame design. These elements I've had specifically fabricated according to this diagram.

00879 - Sheet - S-200 - GROUND FLOOR LAYOUT.pdf


Ground Floor Layout

Shows the interfacing between the foundation and ground floor level, and specifies hold down straps, floor joist sizes/spacings.

NEW 00879 - Sheet - S-250 - STRUCTURAL DETAILS SHEET 01.pdf


Roof Layout

Specifies the tying of the roof to the walls.

NEW 00879 - Sheet - S-230 - ROOF LAYOUT.pdf


Roof Design

Specifies the tying of the roof to the walls.